Art Expectations Day 195

Sun & Moon Spinning

Sun & Moon Spinning

{five more posts until 200!}
[Page 212]  Herbert Pocket asks Pip if Estella feels the same adoration toward him? Pip shakes his head gloomily. Nope.

Pip opens up more to Herbert, telling of his uncertainty and confusion about the future. Who is his benefactor? What will become of him (not being allowed to obtain any skills or education)?  Will Estella ever love him? He is solely dependent on Jaggers and the benefactor. His future lies in their hands. He is “exposed to hundreds of chances”. And Miss Havisham is molding him like putty! (assuming she is the benefactor) Poor Pip (again). But these are typical thoughts of teenagers. However, Pip did come into a lot of money, from someone who has control over him, so he has that added challenge.

As I was thinking about what to draw for this page, I was listening to The Avett Brothers. The lines below from the song “The Once and Future Carpenter” made me think about what Pip is going through:

“Once I was a carpenter (blacksmith), and man, my hands were calloused
I could swing a metal mallet sure and straight
But I took to the highway, a poet young and hungry
And I left the timber (ashes) where they lay”
“And when I lose my direction, I’ll look up to the sky”
“Hopes and fears go with it, and the moon and the sun go spinning”
Beautiful words… check out The Avett Brothers if you haven’t. My friend Sumaya recommended them to me last year. Thank you Sumaya!

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