Art Expectations DAY 200!



Finally! [page 217]  The audience joins in the fun of the play. (Is it supposed to be a comedy or a drama?!) When an actor asks a question, members of the audience yell out funny answers. Mr Wopsle himself gets many laughs. He wipes his hands on a white napkin from his pocket after handling a skull. At this, the audience yells, “WAITER!” When one actor is about to play a little black flute, someone yells out “…don’t you do it neither; you’re a deal more worse than him” pointing at the orchestra! At least everyone is having a grand old time.

I hope that 2014 brings many belly-laughs for us all! I plan to do about FOUR posts a week in 2014. If I do, that would put me at about the end of the book by this time next year. HAHAHAHAHA! We’ll see if I can do it!

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