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Art Expectations 213 Torn Heart


As they continue in the coach toward Richmond, Estella tells Pip that he is to come visit her. She’s to keep Miss Havisham informed of all her activities. Apparently she has most of Miss H’s jewels in her possession! They arrive at the stately old house and Pip leaves Estella there. He is not invited in. As he is leaving, he wishes he could live happily there forever with her. But in his heart he knows this will never happen (the “being happy with her” part). His vision of “happy” with her is always better than when he is actually with her.

What’s with that weird shape? It’s another spread in a tiny recycled board book for children. I remember this was a monkey counting book that I read to my children. It was not really a favorite of mine or theirs (poorly illustrated), so I had no problems with recycling it!


Art Expectations 212 Two-Faced


After tea, Pip and Estella board a coach to head for Surrey Richmond. They pass Newgate Prison and start to speak of Jaggers. Estella admits to knowing him since before she can remember (as a very young child), but not closely. (Jaggers basically ignored her during dinner at Miss Havisham’s back home. It was obvious enough for Pip to take notice.) She seems interested in Pip’s relationship with Jaggers, but maybe she’s just making conversation. Pip is pleased to see her making an effort to be charming for him. At least she’s not being wicked like she was when they were younger! 

Art Expectations 211 Puppets on a Stage


Estella tells Pip that all the evil, jealous thoughts and remarks about him cannot change Miss Havisham’s plans for him. Does Miss H truly love him? Or is she not willing to ever stray from her plans for him? Pip kisses Estella’s cheek. She becomes all at once back-to-business and this hurts his feelings. Tea is ordered and the waiter brings all kinds of things (forks, spoons, salt-cellar, muffin, several breads). Lastly, he brings the tea. Pip steeps the strange twigs in hot water to produce one cup of “something” for Estella to drink.

A quick sketch using colored InkJoy pens, Inktense colored pencils and NeoColor II crayons. I’ve been VERY tempted lately to treat myself to some new art supplies: Holbein acrylic gouache paints, clear linoleum carving blocks, acrylic spray paint and refills for my 25-year-old Rotring Art pen. These items are even sitting in my Cart at Dick! Hello. My name is Julie and I am addicted to art supplies. I need a 12-step program for this!

Art Expectations 210 Full House


Estella tells Pip that the rest of the Pockets (mostly the green with envy Sarah Pocket) write and say bad things about him to Miss Havisham. “You can scarcely realise to yourself the hatred these people have for you.” Pip is the “torment and occupation of their lives”. Yikes! She hints at the childhood she had, growing up in that family and with the bad-excuse-for-a-mother Miss H.

That’s it for today! Short and sweet. This is another quickie piece I created while sitting in my car, at night, in the cold, in the dark, waiting for my daughter’s dance class to end. Have a good day!

Art Expectations 209 A Cup of Tea


Pip and Estella retreat into a grungy private room at the stagecoach station for tea while they wait for a carriage. The carriage will take them to Surrey Richmond, where Estella is to stay. She will live with a lady there, at great expense, who will show her around town and introduce her to people. Pip senses that she is not happy with this plan. He admits to her that he is as happy as he can be in London with Herbert. As happy as he can be AWAY FROM HER, he tells her. How will she respond to this? Surely she suspects how he feels!

I looked up Richmond to see if it’s a real neighborhood in London or an adjacent town. Richmond is an affluent suburban town in south west London. (Thanks Wikipedia!) I also found this interesting map:

It shows all the important places from Dickens’s stories, including Great Expectations. How cool is that?! Here is the main page with even more info on Dickens:

Art Expectations 208 As You’re Told


{Page 226} Back at the station, waiting for Estella’s arrival, Pip begins to wonder about all the prison and criminal influences in his life. It all started with the convict in the marshes, then two more visits with him (or someone who knew him). And now he’s just returned from Newgate Prison with Wemmick, having walked among many prisoners. He regrets his decision to go there now, feeling tainted and dirty, and right before seeing Estella again. When her coach finally arrives, Pip gets a fleeting vision of a nameless dark shadow. Ummmm, who or what is that?

[Chaper 33] Estella gives her instructions to Pip – where she’s to go and how to pay for the carriage. She says, “We have no choice, you and I, but to obey our instructions. We are not free to follow our own devices, you and I.” So, Estella’s future is probably all mapped out for her, just like Pip’s.

Art Expectations 207 Nebula Man


On their way out of the prison, a guard asks Wemmick a question about a murder case. Wemmick replies, “Why don’t you ask him [Jaggers]?” But they never will approach Jaggers with any questions, only Wemmick. Wemmick explains to Pip that because Jaggers holds himself so high, he has control over them all – their souls. And Wemmick, sent in to actually converse with them, allows Jaggers to have control over their bodies – BODY and SOUL. Pip is VERY impressed with Jaggers’s abilities and wishes he had a guardian not so talented!

I used a picture of a Crab Nebula to represent the soul of the man. The photo was taken by me. Hahaha, seriously it was taken by NASA. And here is the link for more information, very interesting:

Art Expectations 206 Portable Pigeons


As they continue through Newgate Prison, Wemmick tells Pip to “notice the man I shall shake hands with.” This should be easy, as Wemmick has not shaken hands with any prisoner so far.

Then he does shake hands with a man known as Colonel. This man served the King as a soldier! He says he thinks he will be getting out on Monday. (But Wemmick later, as they walk away, tells Pip that he will surely hang on Monday.) The Colonel is a pigeon-fancier and Wemmick makes a deal with him for two of his pigeons. They’re portable property, after all! (Wemmick’s favorite sort of item to collect.)

Art Expectations 205 prison flower


{Day 205 Page 223}
Characters:  Pip and Wemmick
Location:  Newgate Prison
Conditions:  Neglected, frowzy, ugly, disorderly, depressing [that’s bleak!]

Wemmick seems to know most of the prisoners and chats with them as they pass through. One prisoner tries to give him money but he won’t take it. “I’m only a subordinate” he says. Dickens compares the prison to a greenhouse, with the prisoners as plants and Wemmick as the gardener.

I used an old print of a formal double Camellia Japonica (Japanese Camellia) by an unknown Chinese artist as my reference for the flower. It’s a beautiful print created many, many years ago.

Art Expectations 204 Anticipation


I created this piece while waiting in my car in the dark, and it was pretty cold outside and inside the car. I could barely see what I was doing. Thank goodness I had these glow-in-the-dark paint pens with me!

[Pg 222] Pip is so excited and nervous awaiting the arrival of Estella, that he stalks the station in London way before her coach has even left the Blue Boar back home! While pacing outside the London station he runs into Wemmick. (He’s the clerk for Jaggers and treated Pip to an unusual meal at his homemade castle.) Wemmick discusses a bit of work (a legal case) with Pip and asks if Pip would like to accompany him to Newgate Prison. “Have you time to spare?” Does Pip have time to spare?! Yes, indeed! Plus he needs the distraction until Estella arrives.

I decided to see what I could find out about Newgate Prison. Here is a link with some helpful, interesting information and a picture of the prison as it would have appeared at the time Pip was living in London:

Newgate Prison was demolished in 1904. Thanks for the information!