Art Expectations Day 202 Hamlet



“This above all: to thine own self be true.”
– Shakespeare

BE YOURSELF! Apparently the play was Hamlet and Wopsle was playing the leading character. Backstage, he asks Pip and Herbert for their opinion of his performance. (Pretty sure Hamlet wasn’t meant to be a comedy!) Herbert, speaking first, followed by Pip repeating his exact words, says, “Capitally” and “Massive and concrete”. Wopsle gets a little criticism from his dresser though, who is now stripping Wopsle of his fine stockings. Wopsle says his style is too classic and thoughtful for this audience. I guess that’s his excuse for all the laughter!

I decided to look up where Hamlet takes place. (I did read it in high school but I can’t remember a thing about it!) The story takes place in a castle in Denmark. Most people believe it to be the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, even though the name was never mentioned. I found an old drawing of a battle that took place at this castle and used it to fill up my skull sketch. The skull plays an important part, I believe. But I am NO EXPERT on Shakespeare! Here is the title page from the copy of the play that I read in school:


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