Art Expectations Day 203 Estella Noose



[Page 220] Wopsle asks Pip if he noticed a heckler in the audience. (Only ONE?!) Pip feels sorry for Wopsle and asks him back to Barnard’s Inn with them for some supper. (I thought “supper” was used only here in the States, in the Deep South. Dickens used it in England in the mid-1800s!) Wopsle stays until 2:00 am, talking of his plans to revive the Drama. Pip goes to bed and dreams of having to give up his fortune, losing Estella, marrying Herbert’s Clara and having to perform Hamlet to Miss Havisham’s ghost!

{Chapter 32} This page ends with a note from Estella which Pip excitedly receives in the post (mail). She’s coming to London! She says Miss H expects Pip to meet her. Signed, “Yours, Estella”.

I created a watercolor on my Yupo paper… so smooth.

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