Art Expectations 207 Nebula Man



On their way out of the prison, a guard asks Wemmick a question about a murder case. Wemmick replies, “Why don’t you ask him [Jaggers]?” But they never will approach Jaggers with any questions, only Wemmick. Wemmick explains to Pip that because Jaggers holds himself so high, he has control over them all – their souls. And Wemmick, sent in to actually converse with them, allows Jaggers to have control over their bodies – BODY and SOUL. Pip is VERY impressed with Jaggers’s abilities and wishes he had a guardian not so talented!

I used a picture of a Crab Nebula to represent the soul of the man. The photo was taken by me. Hahaha, seriously it was taken by NASA. And here is the link for more information, very interesting:

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