Art Expectations 213 Torn Heart



As they continue in the coach toward Richmond, Estella tells Pip that he is to come visit her. She’s to keep Miss Havisham informed of all her activities. Apparently she has most of Miss H’s jewels in her possession! They arrive at the stately old house and Pip leaves Estella there. He is not invited in. As he is leaving, he wishes he could live happily there forever with her. But in his heart he knows this will never happen (the “being happy with her” part). His vision of “happy” with her is always better than when he is actually with her.

What’s with that weird shape? It’s another spread in a tiny recycled board book for children. I remember this was a monkey counting book that I read to my children. It was not really a favorite of mine or theirs (poorly illustrated), so I had no problems with recycling it!

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