Art Expectations 214 Conflicted



[Day 214, Page 232]  Pip goes straight to Hammersmith (the Pocket’s family home) instead of back to London after dropping off Estella. Mr Pocket is out for the evening giving a lecture. Apparently he gives delightful speeches on domestic economy and the management of children and servants! WHAT?! When Pip first visited Hammersmith, the household was in a shambles, servants accusing one another of stealing, the children not watched properly (playing with dangerous items) and Mr Pocket had a melt-down!

Chapter 34 starts:  Pip admits to, on occasion, feeling guilty about his behavior towards Joe and Biddy back home. Maybe he’d have been better off to have never met Miss Havisham. He knows his lavish lifestyle and spending in London has been a burden on Herbert and his laid back, simple life.  

Here, I used a childhood favorite technique of coloring big blobs of bright color, painting over with black paint, then scratching the design on top, with the colors peeking through. This is always fun, no matter how old you are!

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