Art Expectations 215 Chalkboard Finches



Still spending foolishly, Pip and Herbert join a private gentleman’s club called The Finches of the Grove. These guys meet regularly to dine expensively, drink excessively and argue incessantly. Pip is not an official member, not until he becomes of age. He still gets to party with them for now though. Startop and Drummle (the tenants at the Pocket’s Hammersmith home) are also members.

Pip wants to pay Herbert’s way, but Herbert is proud. He doesn’t make much money at his current job, and is having trouble keeping up with Pip. Herbert “looks about himself” for ways to make more money. He remarks that maybe he should buy a rifle, move to America and hunt buffalo!


I’m including a picture of my cat, Luna, “helping” me with my drawing. You can see that I first drew out my letters with black charcoal on white paper. I finished it off in Photoshop. You may also note that I misspelled Finch on my drawing. ARGH! I drew the missing “n” in the top corner then moved it into place once my art was on the computer. That’s the only drawback to hand-lettering… there is no quick Undo command!

Speaking of chalkboard drawings, I entered a drawing to be chosen for art on display at a restaurant in Dallas, Texas last fall. (The restaurant is Lark on the Park. It’s wonderful… great food, beautiful decor and the nicest staff I have ever had at a restaurant. Check them out: My drawing below Rhinoctopus got chosen! I went down on December 15 and recreated my sketch on a 12’x7′ chalkboard. What a great experience! If you’ve been there, let me know. If not, and you’re in the area, go!

[shows just a portion of the drawing and the scaffolding is a little in the way]



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