Art Expectations 216&7 Flying Money & Drowning




Two days in one! I took last week off from my blog. Just didn’t feel like doing it. My daughter was sick one day and that threw me for a loop. Plus it was so cold here in Texas (I know, I know, it was much much colder elsewhere) that I had trouble getting out from under my electric blanket! Now, back to business… er, fun….

{Page 216} Pip is now spending about half his time in Hammersmith to be closer to Estella in Richmond. He describes his life with Herbert more:
– they spend as much money as they can
– getting as little as possible for it
– and are all generally miserable (this includes their friends)

They appear to be constantly having the time of their lives. But Pip admits they really aren’t. Herbert goes in to his no-where job every day, looking about him for more opportunity and finding none. They are both getting deeper in debt. This surprises me because I thought Pip had plenty of money. I guess he’s charging things all over London before he has received any actual money from his guardian, Jaggers. And possibly he’s afraid to ask Jaggers for more.

{Page 217} Pip seems to be getting more stressed about his money situation. One morning he lifts the Avenger (his servant) up by his collar, shaking him so that he looks like a booted cupid! (WHY does he still have the Avenger?!) Every now and then Herbert and Pip decide to confront their money issues. They plan a special dinner (expensive food and wine, of course) and start to tally up their debts on paper. These meetings are very satisfying to Pip and just by writing down his debts he feels as if he has actually paid them! (Uh oh, doesn’t work that way!) I think most young adults have money troubles at some point early on. It’s very liberating to all of a sudden have money (first job salary or inheritance) to spend… on whatever you want. No adult or parent to tell you to watch your money or say “do you really need that?!” Hopefully Pip will figure it all out before he snowballs out of control!

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