Art Expectations 220&1 Mourning




Two days again! {Page 238}  Pip approaches his home, now taken over by the funeral company, Trabb & Co. Once inside, he sees Mr Trabb wrapping everything up in black cloth. Pip asks Joe how he’s doing. They clasp hands. Biddy is there too, keeping busy helping out. Pip sitting next to Joe, notices Pumblechook by the refreshments, stuffing his face and trying to get Pip’s attention.

{Page 239}  Pumblechook “breathing of sherry and crumbs” comes to sit beside Pip. Mr Trabb continues to tie everything and everyone up in ridiculous black bundles. With handkerchiefs to their faces (Trabb’s orders) they file outside and watch the six pallbearers drapped in black carrying Mrs Joe’s casket. The villagers come out to look on as the procession continues. Pip is annoyed by Pumblechook who keeps fussing over him. They arrive at the very same church in the marshes where our story began. Mrs Joe is laid to rest beside their parents. Pip describes the scene as this:  “…the sails of the ships on the river growing out” of the marshes while “larks sang high above”. A light wind blew and there were “beautiful shadows of clouds and trees” on the gravesite. Very nice!

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