Art Expectations 222 After Funeral



After the service, Pumblechook drinks all the sherry and Mr Hubble drinks all the port. Pumblechook brags about being responsible for Pip’s advancements. This really bothers Pip, as if he had nothing to do with it! Pumblechook did introduce Pip to Miss Havisham and Estella though. Biddy, Pip and Joe have a quiet dinner in the good dining room after everyone has left. Pip decides to sleep at home (not in town at the Blue Boar Inn) in his boyhood bedroom upstairs. Before bedtime, Pip and Biddy go out for a walk. Pip tells her he wishes she had written to him about the state of his mother.

The weather has been so nice here in Texas lately that I moved my art-creating outdoors. Seems that Spring is here!


3 thoughts on “Art Expectations 222 After Funeral

  1. I am so envious of your beautiful weather. The sun has been out this weekend but there is still too much snow on the ground and it’s still cold ( more polar vortex temperatures coming this week) so sitting outside to create is not an option.

    1. Are you in Canada? We freak out here in Texas when it gets below 40! I know, we’re wimps. But, we get up to over 100 for many days in a row during the summer and that’s when we suffer. It gets pretty miserable. I WON’T be painting outside then!

      1. I live in Toronto which usually gets pretty temperate weather but this year has been the coldest winter on record since 1976. The average temperature for this time of year is 1 degree C which is about 34 degrees F. The temperature today started out at -10 degrees C and is suppose to continue on the cold side for the week.

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