Art Expectations 225 Pip’s Cake



{Page 243} Still at home, after his sister’s funeral, Pip avoids Biddy at dinner and has trouble sleeping that night. “What an injustice Biddy had done me,” he thought. Please! In the morning Pip peeps in through the forge window at Joe, hard at work, healthy and strong, the sunlight streaming in. He says his goodbyes to Joe, then Biddy. He tells Biddy he’s hurt by her harsh words. As he walks away, he implies that he in fact never comes back, even though he promised Biddy to come more often. (Great Expectations is Pip’s story. He’s the narrator, looking back on this time.)

Chapter 36
Back in London, Pip and Herbert continue to spend freely, going deeper into debt. They both turn 21 (8 months apart, Herbert first). Pip has instructions to go see his guardian, Jaggers, at 5 o’clock on his 21st birthday. He can hardly wait! Surely something fantastic will happen or be revealed to him!

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