Art Expectations 230 21 Stones



[Day 230, Page 248]

Wemmick gives Pip some solid advice. If he gives money to a friend, he might as well throw the money and the friend into the Thames River from the top of one of the bridges! He will lose the money and the friend. He says you should only give money to someone you WANT to get rid of. {Wemmick admits that this is his opinion in the office, but that he might have a different opinion at home. Pip plans to meet him there at a later date to get that other opinion.}

As Pip and Jaggers head out, Pip thinks he would rather be dining with Wemmick than Jaggers. “Coming of age” seems “hardly worth while in such a guarded and suspicious world”. Our little Pip has become an adult, and with that comes responsibilities and decisions to make!

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