Art Expectations 235 Toast & Tea



[Day 234, Page 252]

Back inside Wemmick’s castle, Pip finds Miss Skiffins preparing a jorum (a giant container for holding beverages) of tea and the Aged buttering a tall haystack of toast. As they dine, the wooden flaps (one also with Miss Skiffins’ name on it) spasmodically flap open and shut on their own. (Something’s not working quite right!) This makes Pip nervous at first but he gets used to it and becomes very comfortable there. After stuffing themselves with the tea and toast they all feel “warm and greasy”. They settle in while the Aged prepares to read the paper aloud to them.

This is an acrylic painting on a chapter book cover. I will be working on my taxes (ugh) for the next few weeks so you may not hear from me much! Wish me luck!

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