Art expectations 236 A Done Deal



[Day 236, Page 255]

Wemmick informs Pip that he’s made some progress in Pip’s plan of helping his roommate and friend, Herbert Pocket. Wemmick has found another young merchant, named Clarriker, already in business but needing some financial help and willing to take on Herbert as a partner. And to take some of Pip’s money, of course, as part of the deal. Pip signs over half of his yearly 500 pounds! Miss Skiffins’ brother conducts the negotiation. Wemmick’s name appears nowhere on the paperwork, even though he is there to witness and set up the deal. This is all done in secret from Herbert.

Herbert meets Clarriker, and is elated with his new business prospects. Pip is flushed with pleasure at Herbert’s happiness and the success of his secret plan. Pip tells us he is about to narrate a great event in his life, a turning point. But first, a chapter devoted to Estella!

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