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Art Expectations 246-8 Lit, Alone, Stormy


[Day 246, Page 265]  Estella compares herself to a lit candle, attracting all sorts of ugly creatures (meaning Drummle). Pip tells her it makes him wretched to see her encouraging a man as despised as Drummle. She’s throwing away her “graces and attractions… on the lowest in the crowd.” She says to him, with a serious look, would you rather I “deceive and entrap you?” I kind of thought she was entrapping Pip. But maybe she doesn’t see it that way.

[Day 247, Page 266]  Estella continues her talk with Pip. She deceives and entraps ALL her suitors, all but him. Well, that’s good news, for Pip!

(Chapter 39) Pip is now 23. Since turning 21, he has heard no further mention of his benefactor or his expectations and what is to become of him. He and Herbert have moved from the decrepit Barnard’s Inn to the Temple in the Garden Court by the river. (Inns of the Court, where lawyers often resided) A step up!

 He’s left alone more now, since Herbert has his business to run (which Pip arranged). Herbert is off to Marseilles on a business trip, leaving Pip feeling “dispirited and anxious.” He misses his friend and turns to reading often.

[Day 248, Page 267] “It was wretched weather; stormy and wet, stormy and wet; and mud, mud, mud, deep in all the streets.”
“We lived at the top of that last house, and the wind rushing up the river shook the house that night, like discharges of cannon, or breakings of a sea.” Pip imagines he’s in a lighthouse alone during this storm. He shuts his book at 11 pm and hears a footstep on the staircase outside his door. Who would be out on a night like this?! He calls out, asking if someone is there. “Yes.” Creepy… who is it?


Art Expectations 245 Pieces of Estella


Everyone wants a piece of Estella. Especially Drummle. Pip expresses great pain in thinking of her stooping to dance with the likes of him. He’s “clumsy, sulky, booby (love that Dickens said booby!) and contemptible.” Pip and Drummle start to cross paths daily now, as they are both pursuing her. She seems to treat them both the same – leading them on, then acting as if she doesn’t even know who they are.

Do you remember Jaggers calling Drummle a spider and telling Pip to watch out for him? Well, I had forgotten. But here Dickens describes Drummle as lying in wait, very patiently, with confidence, then uncoiling and dropping down at just the right time, like a spider. After a particular ball, Pip sits down with Estella while they wait for their ride and decides to warn her about Drummle. I’m thinking this may backfire on him!

I saw similar doll jewelry online and decided to make some of my own. My daughter has lots of old barbies, most with matted hair and marker-drawn-on makeup. I played with my Barbie dolls when I was a child until I was about 12! This jewelry was so much fun to make and very easy. Just cut the pieces you want, glue in a bezel, then fill with resin and wait a day until set.

Art Expectations 244 Taking Notes


Pip is still astonished that Drummle has toasted an “Estella” at the Finches meeting. (I gather that this means it’s the name of the lady they are interested in courting, or maybe already courting.) Pip askes “Estella from where?” From Richmond. So, there you have it. It is the very same Estella! Pip, red in the face, challenges Drummle to a dual of sorts. Mainly they continue arguing, with everyone getting involved. Pip does not believe that Drummle knows her personally. Drummle is to bring in a note from Estella to show proof of their relationship, if there is one. The very next day, Drummle produces said note and Pip is forced to apologize in front of everyone. The note is in her handwriting and announces that she has danced several times with Drummle. Pip has to regret his remarks and sits snorting at Drummle the rest of the night.

Art Expectations 243 Wandering Ghost


Pip is unable to sleep that night in the smaller house in back of Miss Havisham’s home (Satis House). Maybe he’s thinking about that argument he witnessed between the two ladies? About 2 a.m. he lights a candle and goes out for a walk. In the courtyard he sees the ghostly figure of Miss H, out for a night-walk also and “making a low cry”. He ducks to hide from her then creeps along following her as she goes back inside and up the stairs to her quarters, moaning all the way. In the morning, there’s no mention of the fight. But he senses a hint of fear in Miss H’s manners. Fear of losing Estella? 

Since Pip is on the topic of “the turning point in his life” he mentions a meeting he attended of the Finches of the Grove, the gentleman’s club in London. At that meeting, Drummle gives a toast to “his lady” and her name is ESTELLA! WHAT?! Is this Pip’s Estella? 

Art Expectations Art Guitar


I want to share with you my art guitar that I created for the Wildflower Festival in Richardson Texas. I’ve been working on it for the past two weeks and am finally done! Guitars are created/collaged/sculpted and otherwise transformed into artwork to be auctioned off for a good cause (literacy and secondary art programs). This is my third one to do. I love the author Douglas Adams’ books (most known for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series) and since he passed away 13 years ago this month, I decided to do a tribute to him. I collaged items from the book and movie poster and some of my own painting to make a one-of-a-kind guitar. (Plus you can still play it!) The winner of this item at the auction also gets a tiny book necklace I made and a Don’t Panic towel which I did not make, but purchased off etsy. (If you’ve read the books, you know that towels and the number 42 play an important part of the story!) It was fun. Glad it’s done. Enjoy. 

Art Expectations 242 Pile of Grey


[Day 242 Page 261]

Same night, same argument:  Estella tells Miss Havisham she has no one to blame but herself as to how she, Estella, turned out. Estella was taught to be cold and unloving. Miss H ends up lying on the floor in a pile of grey hair and tattered clothing. Pip can’t take this anymore and leaves to walk the grounds. He motions to Estella to help Miss H. When he returns an hour later, Estella sits at the knee of Miss H, mending a piece of her dress. Later, she and Pip play cards then go to bed. Separately of course.

Watercolor on Yupo paper and brush dipped in bottle of black ink for the linework. 

Art Expectations 241 Burning Corazon


[the argument continues….  Pip’s gawking continues….] Miss Havisham tells Estella she wants her love. “You have it. All I possess is freely yours.” Estella goes on to say she cannot return love which was never received (from Miss H). Miss H is astonished, saying she gave only a “burning love” to her. Estella says she obeyed every lesson taught to her to a tee. She learned to be proud and hard – these were her lessons. But this has back-fired on the teacher, Miss H. She didn’t mean for Estella to be proud and hard to HER. 

Art Expectations 240 As You Were


Pip describes Miss Havisham’s quarters again: artificial light, stopped clock, cobwebs on the cake, spiders crawling, mice with quickened hearts and beetles all about. Pip witnesses a quarrel between Estella and Miss H! It goes down like this:

Miss H’s arm is still tightly linked through Estella’s. Gradually Estella frees herself and goes to stand by the fireplace.
Miss H: What! Are you tired of me?
E: Only a little tired of myself.

Miss H calls her an ingrate and accuses her of having a “cold, cold heart”. Estella remains calm, and cooly replies “I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame….” But Estella admits she owes everything to Miss H. Pip watches on, saying nothing. Best not to get involved and just enjoy the show! However, I think this is no fun for him, but he’s made very uncomfortable.

I created this quick little illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Have a great day!

Art Expectations 239 Bleak House


[Day 239, Page 258]

As Pip and Estella visit with Miss Havisham, Pip notices that Miss H is so devoted to Estella that she appears to be devouring her. Eating her up like a spider on a fly! Miss H asks Pip, “How does she use you?” He doesn’t give an answer. In front of the fire that night, Miss H quizzes Estella, wanting every detail of her London suitors, while watching Pip closely for his reactions. Now that’s just cruel! Pip becomes aware for the first time of Miss H’s plan to seek revenge on all men through Estella. He fits in this plan also, to be tormented. BUT “the prize was reserved for me”. He thinks he gets Estella in the end. We’ll see, and is she worth it?

Art Expectations 238 Pip’s Pity Party


[Day 238, Page 257]

Estella implies that she’s being forced by Miss Havisham to hang with Pip. She also takes pity on him, which is just as bad. She tells him he should “take warning” not to be attracted to her and if he doesn’t know that by now, then he must be blind. “Love was commonly reputed blind,” he thinks. She informs him that Miss H wants her to come home to Satis for a short visit day after tomorrow. Pip is to escort her there. (Good thing Pip has NO other plans.) Once there, Pip sees that nothing has changed at the Satis House, including Miss H herself.