Art Expectations 240 As You Were



Pip describes Miss Havisham’s quarters again: artificial light, stopped clock, cobwebs on the cake, spiders crawling, mice with quickened hearts and beetles all about. Pip witnesses a quarrel between Estella and Miss H! It goes down like this:

Miss H’s arm is still tightly linked through Estella’s. Gradually Estella frees herself and goes to stand by the fireplace.
Miss H: What! Are you tired of me?
E: Only a little tired of myself.

Miss H calls her an ingrate and accuses her of having a “cold, cold heart”. Estella remains calm, and cooly replies “I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame….” But Estella admits she owes everything to Miss H. Pip watches on, saying nothing. Best not to get involved and just enjoy the show! However, I think this is no fun for him, but he’s made very uncomfortable.

I created this quick little illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Have a great day!

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