Art Expectations 243 Wandering Ghost



Pip is unable to sleep that night in the smaller house in back of Miss Havisham’s home (Satis House). Maybe he’s thinking about that argument he witnessed between the two ladies? About 2 a.m. he lights a candle and goes out for a walk. In the courtyard he sees the ghostly figure of Miss H, out for a night-walk also and “making a low cry”. He ducks to hide from her then creeps along following her as she goes back inside and up the stairs to her quarters, moaning all the way. In the morning, there’s no mention of the fight. But he senses a hint of fear in Miss H’s manners. Fear of losing Estella? 

Since Pip is on the topic of “the turning point in his life” he mentions a meeting he attended of the Finches of the Grove, the gentleman’s club in London. At that meeting, Drummle gives a toast to “his lady” and her name is ESTELLA! WHAT?! Is this Pip’s Estella? 

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