Art Expectations 261-2 Smoking Disguise



261 GrestExp smokingsheep150262 GrestExp disguise150

[day 261, page 281] Magwitch tells Pip he would have gone crazy if not for his smokes on the other side of the world working as a shepherd. Standing by the fire, he reaches out for Pip’s hands again, announcing how proud he is of the gentleman he’s made. He throws a pocketbook on the table and tells Pip it’s all his. For servants, horses and the finest shoes. He is just happy to see Pip spend it.

[day 262, page 282] Pip asks Magwitch about his plans. How will he be safe? (without getting Pip into trouble) Where will he stay? (hopefully not here with him!) The night before, Magwitch implied that he needed to lay low and be careful, otherwise it’ll be his neck. This morning, however, he is more relaxed and downplays the severity of the situation. He’ll simply disguise himself with spectacles, hair powder, wigs and black clothes!

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