Art Expectations 263&4 Bible Scale


263&4 GrestExp150

[Day 263, Page 283] Pip needs to find Magwitch (also known as the Convict and Provis, Pip’s “uncle”) an apartment close to his. Herbert arrives back in London in a few days so he had better act quick. Magwitch doesn’t want Pip to tell Herbert the truth about him. But agrees as long as Herbert swears secrecy on his ratty old bible. Next order of business, Magwitch’s disguise. He is currently wearing a ready-made sailor’s suit. (I’m sure Pip only wears custom-made clothing!) Magwitch is set on wearing shorts (knickers) and trying to come off as a dean or dentist. Pip talks him into dressing down a bit as a prosperous farmer. AND he must stay hidden from the maid until the transformation has taken place.

[Day 264, Page 284] Pip obtains the apartment for Magwitch. It’s so close to his and Herbert’s place at the Temple that he can almost call to him from his window! He then goes shopping for the new clothing that will disguise him.  (Magwitch stays back at his place for now.) Lastly, Pip stops in to confront Jaggers. Uh oh! Jaggers must have been expecting an angry Pip because he jumps up from his desk and says, “Now Pip, be careful.” Pip just wants to confirm the truth, still not wanting to believe that his money has not come from Miss Havisham all this time. Jaggers, knowing that Magwitch is back in town AND that he is a convict still “on the run”, tells Pip he wants to know nothing. In a sneaky way, he warns Pip not to disclose Magwitch’s location or that he’s actually talked to him in person. Jaggers keeps implying that Magwitch is in South Wales, not there in London. He knows he’s in London and at Pip’s place!

Two in one again! I did two more pages on the small altered board book. I’m moving slowly these days on this never-ending project. I’m thinking I need some new art supplies to try out. I’ve never tried pan pastels so maybe that’s next on my shopping list. Have a great day… until next time!

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