Art Expectations 266 Once a Convict…


266 GreatExp Once a Convict150

….always a convict.

[Page 286]  The two creepy head casts stare down at Pip as he leaves Jaggers’s office. Back home at the Temple, his apartment, Pip finds Magwitch still there, smoking and drinking rum. Pip presents Magwitch with his new disguise clothing. The clothes do not become him. To Pip, he sees the Convict in the marshes with the leg iron. There is Convict “in the very grain of the man.” Everything he does, from standing tall, drinking from dainty glasses, to eating, screams “prisoner, felon, bondsman.” They abandon the idea of powder in his hair and Magwitch decides to just wear his hair short. I think the style for men was longish hair at this time. Here is a quick sketch on one of the pages of the book that I am reading. It looks like I am about 2/3 of the way through! Whew! Would love to finish by January. It’s been fun, but I am ready to move on to something else! THREE YEARS!

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