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Bath House Cultural Center Opening

At the opening, next to my piece!



Art Expectations 271 Faceless Man

271 GreatExp Know Man 150

{Day 271 Page 291}  Herbert and Pip scheme about what to do with Magwitch. I may be misunderstanding Dickens’ English, but it seems as if they wish him caught by the police and then hanged! (That would solve their problems. He is a wanted man, for crimes unknown.)  Pip says he would forever feel guilt about that though. They talk about how to get him out of England for good. Herbert suggests Pip should know Magwitch pretty well by now and have a solution as to what is best for him. But, even though most of Pip’s life, “his fortunes and misfortunes”, have been tightly bound with this man, he knows nothing about him, save for the two days in the swamp from his childhood.

Art Expectations 270 Pip Cut Off

270 GreatExp Pip Cut Off 150

[day 270 page 290]  Safely back home, Pip asks Herbert that very important question, “What to do with Magwitch?” He can’t possibly take another dime (or whatever currency in England at the time) from him. He’ll cut himself off from Magwitch. So here he is now, no skills, possibly broke, in debt to Magwitch, no education. No more great expectations! He starts to sob quietly and Herbert pretends not to notice. Maybe he should enlist as a soldier? Herbert says that doesn’t suit him. Besides, Herbert says, he’s working up to a partnership in his newly formed business. Oops. Little does he know that the money for his business has been coming from Pip FROM Magwitch!

A little gruesome? Yes, but it’s almost Halloween here in the States. I’ll be putting up my spooky decorations this afternoon!

269 Art Expectations Pip Paranoia

269 GreatExp Paranoid 150

Pip, Herbert and Magwitch stay up late recounting everything that has happened. Pip walks Magwitch home to his new lodging, not far from theirs. He breathes a sigh of relief for the first time since Magwitch arrived back in London. As he walks back to the Temple, alone in the dark, he is wary of being followed. (What happened to that person on the stairs that dark stormy night when Magwitch first appeared?) He becomes paranoid. Safely back in his apartment, he embraces Herbert, never so happy as now to have a friend. Herbert sinks into the chair that Magwitch had occupied. But immediately jumps out of it. Now, WHAT is to be done with Magwitch?

This ink painting was created on the last page of a small board book. Until next time…

Art Expectations 268 Birth Life Death

268 GreatExp Life 150

[Day 268 Page 288] Upon his arrival back in London at the Temple apartment, Herbert is given Magwitch’s ratty old bible to hold and he’s instructed to kiss it. Pip says, “Do so, as he wishes it.” They have decided to tell Herbert the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  They will trust him. He’s sworn on the bible after all! As they both tell the story from the beginning to Herbert, Pip realizes that Magwitch doesn’t see any of Pip’s disappointment. He is so proud of what he has done for Pip (and with Pip), making him a real gentleman, that he doesn’t see it from Pip’s point of view. Money is money, right? Does it matter where it comes from? Anyway, Pip should be grateful to Magwitch. But the whole thing was really not fair to him, keeping it all a secret until now.