269 Art Expectations Pip Paranoia


269 GreatExp Paranoid 150

Pip, Herbert and Magwitch stay up late recounting everything that has happened. Pip walks Magwitch home to his new lodging, not far from theirs. He breathes a sigh of relief for the first time since Magwitch arrived back in London. As he walks back to the Temple, alone in the dark, he is wary of being followed. (What happened to that person on the stairs that dark stormy night when Magwitch first appeared?) He becomes paranoid. Safely back in his apartment, he embraces Herbert, never so happy as now to have a friend. Herbert sinks into the chair that Magwitch had occupied. But immediately jumps out of it. Now, WHAT is to be done with Magwitch?

This ink painting was created on the last page of a small board book. Until next time…

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