Art Expectations 270 Pip Cut Off


270 GreatExp Pip Cut Off 150

[day 270 page 290]  Safely back home, Pip asks Herbert that very important question, “What to do with Magwitch?” He can’t possibly take another dime (or whatever currency in England at the time) from him. He’ll cut himself off from Magwitch. So here he is now, no skills, possibly broke, in debt to Magwitch, no education. No more great expectations! He starts to sob quietly and Herbert pretends not to notice. Maybe he should enlist as a soldier? Herbert says that doesn’t suit him. Besides, Herbert says, he’s working up to a partnership in his newly formed business. Oops. Little does he know that the money for his business has been coming from Pip FROM Magwitch!

A little gruesome? Yes, but it’s almost Halloween here in the States. I’ll be putting up my spooky decorations this afternoon!

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