Art Expectations 272 Magwitch’s Story


272 GreatExp The Story150

Day 272, Page 292

In the morning, while having breakfast, Magwitch is very excited to discuss Pip’s plans on becoming more of a gentleman. He had left his pocketbook with Pip the night before to spend as he wishes. He tells Pip to find a “fashionable crib near Hyde Park.” (Dickens said “crib!”) Pip asks Magwitch if they (he and Herbert) can know more about him. For instance, who and what was the scuffle about in the marshes when the police found him? Magwitch agrees to tell his story as long as they swear to silence. Anyway, what he did has all been “worked out and paid for.” He thinks for a few moments, staring at the fire, then begins. This should be interesting!

I’m about 3/4 through this project! Yeah! For this illustration, I was influenced by the Cubist works of Picasso and Matisse. This is an acrylic painting on canvas. I have been busy with some other projects: making several altered books and teaching a workshop. I’ll post pics of those soon! Till next time….

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