Art Expectations 273 Turnip Thief


273 GreatExp TurnipStealer150

Magwitch gives them the short version of his life: in jail, out of jail, in jail, out of jail, in jail, out of jail. This was his life up until he got shipped off to America “after Pip stood my friend.” He does begin to expand on his past experiences. As a child he was abandoned by someone, it’s not clear – a man. Maybe his father? He was left cold and alone, and very young. He stole turnips to feed himself. When people saw him as a starving, thieving, abandoned child, they either drove him away or took him in. He went from home to home. People judged him, saying he’d be no good, ending up in prison. His life was full of “tramping, begging, thieving, working sometimes.” Work was hard to find though, due to his unkempt appearances. Well, that’s just sad! Poor young Magwitch.

Here’s a very quick sketch on glossy paper with alcohol ink and regular india ink. Have a great day!

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