Memento Mori Altered Book


Victorian Death portrait web

Vict Death Book standing web

Victorian Death portrait inside web

I want to share with you another altered book I created in the last two weeks. I started it during the middle of October so Halloween and the Day of the Dead holidays were both on my mind. Some coworkers were talking about this topic, that during the Victorian days, people took unusual, somewhat creepy photos of their newly deceased, often children, posing them as if still alive. Stacey explained to me that since the childhood mortality rate was so much higher back then, people were not as shocked by it (or creeped out). To have a portrait commissioned by a photographer was a rare, expensive thing to do. So often this was the one and only picture ever taken of their child who has passed away. It’s a fascinating topic but also very sad. Have to admit I was a little emotional looking at all the children who passed away way before they should have. Something to think about for sure. Hope you like my work!


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