Art Expectations 275 Altered Heart


Heart Altered Book by Julie Flandorfer

Hello again! Continuing on my Great Expectation journey….

[Day 275, Page 295]  Compeyson’s situation was bleak at the time when he met Magwitch. While his current partner, Arthur, was sick, Compeyson was gambling away their ill-gained fortunes (obtained from swindling a rich, older woman). Compeyson’s wife, whom he abused, felt compassion for Arthur and helped care for him. Compeyson, however, “was a-having pity on nothing and nobody.” Arthur lives in the same house as Compeyson and his wife. (No mention of any children.) He seems to have gone mad, haunted by a woman’s ghost. This ghost has a broken heart. What?! Can this be Miss Havisham? Was Compeyson the finance who left her at the altar? It’s all coming together!

I started this altered book a few days ago. (Been very busy with family in town for Thanksgiving and now Christmas is upon us!) It’s not finished just yet. I guess my plans of finishing the book by end of 2014 were not meant to be! I hope to post again soon… until then, Happy Holidays to you all!

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