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Art Expectations 282 Grey Matter

282 GreatExp GreyMatter150

[Day 282 Page 302]  Still stubbornly standing at the fire in the Blue Boar, Drummle asks Pip if he has been back to the Grove. (The Finches of the Grove is the secret men’s society that they both belong to in London. They got in a bit of an argument at the last meeting Pip attended when Drummle announced to all that he, Drummle, was courting Estella. Words were said, tempers were lost, glassware was flung.) Pip says No, he’s had quite enough of the Finches. Drummle keeps remarking to the waiter that the “lady” will not be riding today, due to bad weather, and that he’ll be dining at her house, not at the Blue Boar. (What a jerk. He’s really rubbing it in Pip’s face!) They are finally obliged to turn over the fire to three farmers coming in from the cold.

Quick sketch, Sharpie and white and brown gouache. (I have so much trouble spelling gouache. Too many vowels!) Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Super Bowl if that’s your kind-of-thing. I watch for the commercials and the half-time show. And the football party food!


Art Expectations 281 Stand Off

281 GreatExp Standoff 150

{Day 281 Page 301} Drummle and Pip continue their confrontation in front of the fire at the Blue Boar. They are summing each other up, starting with their boots. Pip imagines throwing Drummle into the window! Drummle remarks on all the marshes around town. Pips says basically, “So, what of it?!” The stable guy brings round Drummle’s horse. Drummle plans to explore the little public-houses, villages and smithies around the town. So, now Drummle’s horse is ready at the door and Pip’s breakfast is ready on the table. But neither backs down to give up his post at the fireplace. Stubborn!

Here is a very quick ink sketch inside the book on pages 302 and 303. Page 303 contains the illustration by F.W. Pailthorpe of the two gents holding court at the fireplace. It’s chilly this morning in Texas and I wish I were standing in front of a roaring fire!

Art Expectations 280 Basquiat Pip

280 GreatExp Country trip 150

{Day 280 Page 300!}  Unsuccessful at seeing Estella in town at Mrs Brandley’s, Pip decides to travel to the country to visit Miss Havisham. (Maybe Estella will be there.) He tells Magwitch he is visiting Joe, even though I doubt he will even go over to see Joe or Biddy. The trip in the stagecoach is a misty, cool one. Upon arriving in the country at the Blue Boar, he runs into Drummle. Argh, he really doesn’t like that guy! Especially now that he suspects Drummle is after Estella’s heart also. Inside the Blue Boar, he and Drummle ignore each other, but it’s obvious they both saw and recognized the other. Pip orders some breakfast. Drummle is at the fireplace and Pip goes to stand by him, as close as possible to elbow him out of the way. They finally start speaking to each other. Drummle calls the town (Pip’s birthplace) a beastly place. Pip, insulted, replies that it’s very similar to where Drummle is from, the town of Shropshire.

I recently re-watched the film Basquiat about Jean-Michel Basquiat. His work is so intriguing, so raw. Too bad he died so young. If you like art flicks, check  it out. There are bit parts by Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Parker Posey and Benicio Del Toro. And Andy Warhol is played by David Bowie! Some of these characters are not likable, but maybe that’s just the art world. At least in the 70s and 80s in New York. I was influenced by his work while creating this very quick little piece showing Pip in all his misery. I received some new paints in the mail yesterday (yeah!). They are Holbien Acryla Gouache and this is my first experiment with them. Have a great day and stay warm wherever you are!

Art Expectations 279 Estella Fled the Coop

279 GreatExp Estella leaves 150

{Day 279, Page 299} Pip realizes a new fear. What if Compeyson is still alive, and in London AND finds out about Magwitch (Provis) being there with him? He might inform the police or try to hurt Magwitch or him. And what about Estella? Would she come into harm’s way? Not likely, but Pip just can’t help thinking about her! He vows to never mention Estella to Magwitch. He decides to pay her a visit the next day at Mrs Brandley’s. Once there, he is told by a suspicious acting maid that she has left for the country. Is she visiting Satis House and Miss Havisham? Or is she off with another gentleman? Maybe she’s getting married? Pip leaves dissatisfied. He then plans to visit Miss H the next day. (Maybe he’ll see Estella there!) Back in London he and Herbert agree that the situation cannot stay as it is, with Magwitch coming over for daily visits. They just aren’t sure what to do about him yet.

I found some lovely (although a little too glittery for me) handmade paper scraps at a local art store. And they were on sale! So I grabbed three packs. Here is a quick ink and acrylic painting on one of the papers. I’m about 3/4 of the way through Great Expectations now! Will try to speed it up and do about three posts a week. Wish me luck!

Art Expectations 278 The Truth

278 GreatExp The Truth150

{Day 278, Page 298} Magwitch (also known as Provis) finishes up his life story:

On the prison ship (after being convicted), Magwitch takes a swing at Compeyson. (Remember he swore to smash in his face after the sentencing.) He is caught and put in the black-hole of the ship. But able to escape, he jumps in the water and swims to shore. Must not have been too far out from land! He was hiding out among the gravestones when he first met Pip. And that’s where our story began: Pip being threatened by Magwitch and giving him some bread, money and a file. Magwitch later finds Compeyson also hiding out there in the marshes and they fight again. But are caught by the police (Pip and Joe come upon this encounter). They are both sentenced again. But somehow Magwitch escapes again. This part is unclear to me. No one, including Magwitch is sure of Compeyson’s current where-abouts or if he is even still alive. Herbert slips a handwritten note to Pip stating that Compeyson is the man who confessed his love to Miss Havisham long ago. The deceased Arthur, who was Compeyson’s original partner, was a young Mr Havisham, of some relation to her. (Nephew or brother?) Herbert and Pip do not tell Magwitch this information. Since Pip’s money has all come from Magwitch, he may not even know anything of Miss Havisham. The plot thickens!

Art Expectations 277 Yin Yang

276 GreatExp yin&yang150

{Day 277 Pg 297} We are sitting in on Magwitch telling his life story at Pip and Herbert’s apartment.
Magwitch and Compeyson have been accused of a misdemeanor (putting stolen money into circulation). In court, they have separate counselors. Compeyon’s words to Magwitch were “separate defenses, no communication”. Magwitch notices how Compeyson is presented in court as the educated gentleman who could have done better. Magwitch is the good-for-nothing wretch who will only do worse. Magwitch gets accused of being the one who set up all the ill schemes and took in the money. He gets sentenced to 14 years and Compeyson only 7. He tells Compeyson that once out of court, he’ll smash in his face!

I recycled an old canvas that had a painting on it I did a while back and never liked. I did leave a few pieces of the old work peaking out!

Art Expectations 276 Shroud

275 GreatExp shroud150

[Day 276 Page 296] Magwitch continues with his story…
Compeyson’s former partner, Arthur, dies in a screaming fit, claiming that the female ghost is placing her shroud over him. Magwitch now becomes Compeyson’s partner. But was more often treated like a slave and made to be in debt while doing all the dirty, dangerous work. Magwitch tells how he was almost arrested several times and then finally was convicted of a misdemeanor, along with Compeyson for putting stolen notes into circulation.

I created a little ink painting on glossy paper, showing a ghost with a lacy shroud. Perhaps this shroud is an old wedding veil???

I’ve taken a blog-break, mainly due to the holidays. I enjoyed family visits and ate lots of delicious things! I hope you all had a happy holiday and Happy New Year! My goal this year is to finish this book and move on to another project that is waiting in the wings!