Art Expectations 276 Shroud


275 GreatExp shroud150

[Day 276 Page 296] Magwitch continues with his story…
Compeyson’s former partner, Arthur, dies in a screaming fit, claiming that the female ghost is placing her shroud over him. Magwitch now becomes Compeyson’s partner. But was more often treated like a slave and made to be in debt while doing all the dirty, dangerous work. Magwitch tells how he was almost arrested several times and then finally was convicted of a misdemeanor, along with Compeyson for putting stolen notes into circulation.

I created a little ink painting on glossy paper, showing a ghost with a lacy shroud. Perhaps this shroud is an old wedding veil???

I’ve taken a blog-break, mainly due to the holidays. I enjoyed family visits and ate lots of delicious things! I hope you all had a happy holiday and Happy New Year! My goal this year is to finish this book and move on to another project that is waiting in the wings!

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