Art Expectations 278 The Truth


278 GreatExp The Truth150

{Day 278, Page 298} Magwitch (also known as Provis) finishes up his life story:

On the prison ship (after being convicted), Magwitch takes a swing at Compeyson. (Remember he swore to smash in his face after the sentencing.) He is caught and put in the black-hole of the ship. But able to escape, he jumps in the water and swims to shore. Must not have been too far out from land! He was hiding out among the gravestones when he first met Pip. And that’s where our story began: Pip being threatened by Magwitch and giving him some bread, money and a file. Magwitch later finds Compeyson also hiding out there in the marshes and they fight again. But are caught by the police (Pip and Joe come upon this encounter). They are both sentenced again. But somehow Magwitch escapes again. This part is unclear to me. No one, including Magwitch is sure of Compeyson’s current where-abouts or if he is even still alive. Herbert slips a handwritten note to Pip stating that Compeyson is the man who confessed his love to Miss Havisham long ago. The deceased Arthur, who was Compeyson’s original partner, was a young Mr Havisham, of some relation to her. (Nephew or brother?) Herbert and Pip do not tell Magwitch this information. Since Pip’s money has all come from Magwitch, he may not even know anything of Miss Havisham. The plot thickens!

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