Art Expectations 279 Estella Fled the Coop


279 GreatExp Estella leaves 150

{Day 279, Page 299} Pip realizes a new fear. What if Compeyson is still alive, and in London AND finds out about Magwitch (Provis) being there with him? He might inform the police or try to hurt Magwitch or him. And what about Estella? Would she come into harm’s way? Not likely, but Pip just can’t help thinking about her! He vows to never mention Estella to Magwitch. He decides to pay her a visit the next day at Mrs Brandley’s. Once there, he is told by a suspicious acting maid that she has left for the country. Is she visiting Satis House and Miss Havisham? Or is she off with another gentleman? Maybe she’s getting married? Pip leaves dissatisfied. He then plans to visit Miss H the next day. (Maybe he’ll see Estella there!) Back in London he and Herbert agree that the situation cannot stay as it is, with Magwitch coming over for daily visits. They just aren’t sure what to do about him yet.

I found some lovely (although a little too glittery for me) handmade paper scraps at a local art store. And they were on sale! So I grabbed three packs. Here is a quick ink and acrylic painting on one of the papers. I’m about 3/4 of the way through Great Expectations now! Will try to speed it up and do about three posts a week. Wish me luck!

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