Art Expectations 281 Stand Off


281 GreatExp Standoff 150

{Day 281 Page 301} Drummle and Pip continue their confrontation in front of the fire at the Blue Boar. They are summing each other up, starting with their boots. Pip imagines throwing Drummle into the window! Drummle remarks on all the marshes around town. Pips says basically, “So, what of it?!” The stable guy brings round Drummle’s horse. Drummle plans to explore the little public-houses, villages and smithies around the town. So, now Drummle’s horse is ready at the door and Pip’s breakfast is ready on the table. But neither backs down to give up his post at the fireplace. Stubborn!

Here is a very quick ink sketch inside the book on pages 302 and 303. Page 303 contains the illustration by F.W. Pailthorpe of the two gents holding court at the fireplace. It’s chilly this morning in Texas and I wish I were standing in front of a roaring fire!

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