Art Expectations 282 Grey Matter


282 GreatExp GreyMatter150

[Day 282 Page 302]  Still stubbornly standing at the fire in the Blue Boar, Drummle asks Pip if he has been back to the Grove. (The Finches of the Grove is the secret men’s society that they both belong to in London. They got in a bit of an argument at the last meeting Pip attended when Drummle announced to all that he, Drummle, was courting Estella. Words were said, tempers were lost, glassware was flung.) Pip says No, he’s had quite enough of the Finches. Drummle keeps remarking to the waiter that the “lady” will not be riding today, due to bad weather, and that he’ll be dining at her house, not at the Blue Boar. (What a jerk. He’s really rubbing it in Pip’s face!) They are finally obliged to turn over the fire to three farmers coming in from the cold.

Quick sketch, Sharpie and white and brown gouache. (I have so much trouble spelling gouache. Too many vowels!) Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Super Bowl if that’s your kind-of-thing. I watch for the commercials and the half-time show. And the football party food!

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