Art Expectations 283 Knitting


283 GreatExp knitting150

Pip looks out the window at the Blue Boar. He sees Drummle mounting his horse then receiving a light for his cigar from a strange man. Could that man be Orlick? Pip thinks maybe, but he has more important things on his mind to worry about than that right now. He starts heading toward Satis House, wishing he’d never ever set foot in that wretched place.

He enters the neglected room where he finds Miss Havisham with Estella busy knitting. They both seem surprised to see him. I’m sure they’ve known all along that Pip’s benefactor was not Miss Havisham, but did they know who was? Sitting in the ruin of the room, it seems a fitting place for Pip. He tells Miss H that he’s as unhappy as she intended him to be.

Here is a quick ink sketch. I’m glad to be back to the story of Pip and to have my taxes done!

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