Art Expectations 284 Be Kind


284 GreatExp be kind150

Pip admits to Miss Havisham and Estella that his benefactor will not likely enrich his station in life. (I think it has up until now… until he found out who his benefactor really was!) The names of Magwitch and Provis were not mentioned. Miss H tells Pip it was merely a coincidence that Jaggers was both her lawyer and his benefactor’s lawyer. A coincidence that she asks for a young man to help her around the house (and to tease with the promise of Estella) AND at the same time, a criminal asks Jaggers to fund the life of same young man to make into a gentleman. Hmmmm…. strange coincidence. Miss H agrees that she  led Pip on in believing she was the benefactor. “Was that kind?” Pip asks. She bellows out, ” Who am I that I should be kind!” Pip backs down at her outburst and he apologizes. He didn’t mean to upset her. After all, he was paid well for his services there. He has paid dearly himself! Pip has definitely lead an unusual life, being paid to do nothing really. Except to get his heart broken.

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