Art Expectations 285 Green


285 GreatExp Green 150

[Day 285, Page 306]  As I read this page I thought about the jealousy of Miss H’s relatives for Pip and the greed they all had for her money. Jealousy : Greed: Money. I started out wanting to do an abstract painting in greens. But this ended up more of a collage. That always happens to me! It’s a very quick “sketch” collage. The story continues…

Pip continues confronting Miss Havisham in her house as Estella knits, listening in. He talks about the three women (Sarah Pocket, Georgiana and Camilla) who were jealous of him. He believes they also thought Miss H was giving her fortunes to him, a stranger, this young man, a non-relative. He was taking the money that was rightfully theirs. He also tells of his friendship with another of her relatives, Herbert Pocket. He asks Miss H if she can continue funding Herbert in secret as he will no longer be able to. (I think he plans to stop taking the money from Magwitch and try to make it on his own. That should be interesting, as he has no skills and no education. Although he does have some blacksmithing skills learned from Joe. If he were even willing to go back to being in that profession!) Miss H doesn’t say yes or no, but “What else?”

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