Art Expectations 291 What’s Home?


291 GreatExp Home? 150

[Day 291 Page 312]  Pip leaves the miserable hotel room at 7 am and heads straight for Wemmick’s Walworth home, the handmade castle. (Wemmick wrote the note warning Pip to not go home the night before. This is the morning after Pip found out Estella plans to marry Drummle.) He has to find out what Wemmick meant by that note! He arrives just as Wemmick is making breakfast (tea, sausage and toast) for the Aged, his father. He asks Pip to join in and help by cooking the sausage, which he proceeds to burn. Wemmick then starts to tell Pip what he knows. He left similar notes at the other Temple gates and will go gather them up and destroy them later that day. They are “evidence”. He tells Pip he accidentally overheard something yesterday morning. What???

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