Art Expectations 293 Modern Day


293 GreatExp Characters 150

{I’m almost at Day 300! Day 293, Page 314}
Pip is still at Wemmick’s finding out what the heck is going on…. why he can’t go back to his home at the Temple. At least this is taking his mind off Estella! Pip asks Wemmick if he’s heard of Compeyson and if he knows if he’s still in London. Wemmick nods yes. (Compeyson is the bad guy who swindled Miss Havisham out of her money and left her at the altar, breaking her heart. This is the reason why she is still in her wedding gown and has the moldy cake on the dining table.) Wemmick tells Pip that he found Herbert Pocket and also warned him to not go home. (They’re being watched by someone.) Herbert makes a plan to stay at his finance’s family home with her ill father. He advises Pip to lay low also.

I created this very quick doodle of some modern day Great Expectation’s characters while taking an online doodle class offered by Diane Culhane. It’s two weeks long and started last week. I’ve been having fun creating lots of doodles, sketching and putting them on backgrounds I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, elevating the doodle to a higher level! You can find out more about this wonderful class here:

Another doodle I did:

doodle on watercolor paper150

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