Art Expectations 294 Hiding Out


294 Greatexp pip red&blue 150

Pip and Wemmick are still discussing where he and Herbert should hide out. Pip is told that Herbert plans to go to his fiancé’s family home to stay with her ill father. Pip neglects to tell Wemmick that he has never met his best friend’s fiancé. She disapproves of him, calling him an “expensive companion.” Of course, she’s not aware that Pip is who has been providing the funds for Herbert’s business all this time. (money which came from Magwitch) This house where Herbert will hide out is on the river, which makes for an easy escape on a foreign packet-boat, if need be. They will tell everyone that Herbert has been called away on business in Dover. Wemmick gives Pip this address and tells him there is no harm in Pip going to visit Herbert there.

I expanded on the previous sketch (doodle) of the modern day Pip. I made this in the Diane Culhane online class I’m taking right now. It’s so much fun! I’m getting a little behind, but that’s no problem because I can work at my own pace and have up to a year to finish. Here’s the link in case you are interested:

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