Art Expectations 295 Hiding


295 GreatExp hide1 150

295 GreatExp hide2 150

Wemmick tells Pip he can go visit Herbert at his secret hideout by the river. And he can go back home to his apartment at the Temple one last time. I assume to gather his belongings. He warns Pip to “lay hold of his portable property. You don’t know what may happen to him.” Meaning, try to get ahold of Magwitch’s money before Magwitch gets knifed or sent to prison and hanged! Wemmick tells Pip to hang out at his house (the handmade castle) for the day until dark. Pip stays and naps on and off all afternoon with the Aged in front of the fire. Remember, he has had very little sleep and found out just yesterday that Estella plans to marry Drummle, his arch-enemy. And Magwitch has disappeared. Oh, and someone has also been watching and following him. His money supply may be coming to an end. So, it’s not looking good for the young Pip. At about 8 pm, he heads out toward the shipyards.

Here are two more sketches I created in the online Diane Culhane class I’ve been taking. They are watercolor and ink, some watercolor pencils mixed in. Pip and Herbert are hiding out, scared and unsure of the future. Not sure what the animals are… they just came out of my pen!

have a wonderful mother’s day to all the mothers out there

3 thoughts on “Art Expectations 295 Hiding

  1. I’m wishing I had taken Diane’s latest class. I’m doing Year of the Spark and I just thought it might be too much taking another class. Great illustrations!

      1. Some of the lessons that I thought I’d really like I couldn’t get into and others I loved. I’m very busy now until the end of June but I hope to get back to some of the ones that I haven’t finished or started for that matter. That’s the beauty of on-line classes. You work at your own pace and I always get lots of inspiration from the beautiful art that others post on Facebook

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