Art Expectations Don Draper Sidetrip


drawer front


May is always a crazy month. Almost as busy as December with the holidays. Well, I guess it’s only super busy for parents of school-age children in America. All special activities, field trips and projects happen this month, after the standardized testing is all done. We are so ready for school to be out!

I have taken a little side trip away from my Great Expectations blog to work on two projects. The first was my Wildflower guitar. If I didn’t post pics of that I will. The most recent project is an altered, upcycled kitchen drawer for an auction for the group Chartreuse in Richardson Texas. Here are two pics of my work-in-progress. It’s not finished! I have been a huge fan of the TV series Mad Men since day one. I worked in advertising from the 90s through 2012 so this was a treat and real eye-opener for how agencies were run in the 50s and 60s. Especially for how women were treated, how smoking was considered healthy and an after lunch cocktail was a normal part of the work day. I decided to do my drawer based on this TV show. So this is more of a pop culture themed artwork. I printed out a draft of the first show’s script (the pilot) and will add that in somehow, along with an ashtray I printed on a 3D printer. Let me know what you think!

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