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Art Expectations Day 298 Fruitful

298 GreatExp fruitful 150

As Pip watches Herbert and Clara together, he can see the love between them. She has come downstairs after tending to her gruff and grim ill father, carrying a basket of food. The basket contains her meager dinner and her father’s hearty breakfast. She’s gentle, innocent and modest. He can tell Herbert adores her. This is Pip’s first time to meet Clara and he approves of her. I think he was expecting to dislike her. Herbert had told Pip at one time that she disapproved of Pip and his friendship with Herbert, calling him something like an expensive friend. Now, Pip wouldn’t break them up for all the money in his pocketbook.

Now that Clara’s father has settled down, Herbert and Pip head up to the top of the house to visit Provis/Magwitch. They find him settled in and somewhat comfortable.


Art Expectations 297 Gruff & Grim

297 GreatExp Gruff 150

I’ve been “gone” for a while. From my blog, that is. But I’ve been busy working on a few other art projects. I completed the on-line Doodling class with Diane Culhane. Created lots of doodles and sketches to use in future artworks, some for this blog. Can’t wait to incorporate those! I had three workshops at the Richardson Public Library, where I created several other fun pieces: ink resist paintings, a personal color journal and an illuminated letter (I have my example of that below). Now, back to Pip!

{Day 297, Page 318}
We left Pip at Herbert’s finance’s (Clara’s) family home in the shipyards. Herbert, his best friend and roommate, is there. He tells Pip about Clara’s gout-riddden, alcoholic, abusive father upstairs. Pip can hear him growling and screaming at Clara. Herbert also says, “To have Provis (Magwitch) for an upper lodger is quite a godsend to Mrs. Whimple.” Mrs. Whimple is the landlady. WHAT?! Maybe I got confused by Dickens’ language, but I thought just Herbert was hiding out here, not Magwitch too.

Also, apparently Mrs. Whimple knows about Herbert and Clara’s engagement, but not her father. He does not approve of Herbert so they have kept this a secret from him. He thinks Herbert doesn’t make enough money. Herbert calls her father, real name of Bill Barley, Gruffandgrim. After receiving this information from Herbert, Pip meets Clara for the first time as she comes downstairs. He describes her as a captive fairy, a most charming girl.

About my work above: I have started creating some very small artworks on old playing cards, an experiment for an upcoming workshop. These are artist trading cards, which are very popular for artists to make and trade but are never sold. Some people have huge binders of the ones they’ve collected. Maybe I will start making and trading them too. I can see how this is addictive, as they can be created very quickly, being on such a small scale. I glued on some vintage cash register keys that my daughter gave me. Love those! Below is the illuminated Father’s Day card I created this week for my husband. I hope he likes it!

illuminated letter E cropped


Mid-Century Modern Mad Men Martini Table




My final piece! An altered drawer for Chartreuse auction on June 6. I loved Mad Men. Too bad it had to end! I created this from a discarded drawer (from a kitchen or bathroom). I printed the ashtray on a 3D printer. Used glass paint on the martini glass and baked it on. Acrylic paint and paint marker on the rest. Created some wild psychedelic neon patterns all over. Do you dig it, Daddy-o?

(I’ll get back to Pip very soon! After school ends this week and my son graduates from high school!)