Art Expectations Day 298 Fruitful


298 GreatExp fruitful 150

As Pip watches Herbert and Clara together, he can see the love between them. She has come downstairs after tending to her gruff and grim ill father, carrying a basket of food. The basket contains her meager dinner and her father’s hearty breakfast. She’s gentle, innocent and modest. He can tell Herbert adores her. This is Pip’s first time to meet Clara and he approves of her. I think he was expecting to dislike her. Herbert had told Pip at one time that she disapproved of Pip and his friendship with Herbert, calling him something like an expensive friend. Now, Pip wouldn’t break them up for all the money in his pocketbook.

Now that Clara’s father has settled down, Herbert and Pip head up to the top of the house to visit Provis/Magwitch. They find him settled in and somewhat comfortable.

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