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Art Expectations Day 300!

300 GreatExp shipyards 150

[Day 300 Page 322] Finally! Close to the finish line… I can see the light at the end of this book!

Pip agrees to start rowing on a regular basis down the river and back so it will look like a normal outing when he finally goes to take Provis down the river, out of town. No one will suspect anything unusual. Should Provis spot him while he’s out on his practice river trips, he should not acknowledge him. Herbert and Pip leave Provis in his upstairs room at the Barley’s home and head back downstairs where Clara and Mrs. Whimple are seated at work. (knitting, mending, washing, polishing?) Herbert tells Pip that Provis is staying under the assumed name of Mr. Campbell. Despite the growling Mr. Barley, Pip leaves thinking fondly of this place in the shipyards, Clara’s family home. There’s the motherly Mrs. Whimple, the sweet, doe-eyed Clara, his good friend Herbert and Provis, whom he now feels responsible for.

And, yes, again, another doodle sketch from the online class. It’s the jumble of the shipyards with Clara’s home on the river in the top right with Pip rowing by in an orange skiff. Provis taking flight as a man-bird and a rugged, bearded, solemn-faced Pip. He has a lot of decisions to make and he’s no longer a child being taken care of by someone else.

To my fellow Americans, Happy Fourth of July!


Art Expectations 299 Down River

299 GreatExp down river 150

[Day 299, Page 320] ┬áPip tells Provis what Wemmick told him. There was a rumor at Newgate Prison that Pip was under suspicion and his home was being watched. By whom? Wemmick told Pip to stay close for now, but that Provis should go into hiding. Eventually Pip would have to get Provis out of the city, perhaps out of the country, “getting him abroad”. Herbert suggests that since he and Pip are both good watermen that they should take him down the river. This would avoid any suspicion from having someone else doing it.

Here’s a “doodle” sketch from the online class I took. Next post will be Day 300! Of course this has taken me way more than 300 days to get to this point. Ah well, happy posting!
watercolor and ink