Art Expectations 301/302 River


301 GreatExp floating 150302 GreatExp sad 150

[Day 301 Page 323] After leaving Clara’s home, Pip goes solemnly home alone. He sees no one spying on him or hanging about the Temple. Herbert comes home later. Pip obtains a little row-boat and stores it by his staircase. He starts rowing on a regular basis, as planned, to avoid suspicion in case he needs to quickly row Magwitch out of town. Herbert goes along sometimes. They pass by Mill Pond Bank, Clara’s home and where Magwitch is hiding out. (I believe this is downstream from the Temple.) Pip still feels as if he is being watched but has yet to see anyone following him. He is “always full of fears for the rash man who was in hiding.” Herbert admits that he often looks at the river fondly and thinks of it flowing toward Clara. Pip thinks with dread of it flowing toward Magwitch! {Chapter 47} They continue in this pattern of daily rowing down and up the river. Herbert visits Clara and Mill Pond Bank about three times a week. They patiently await word for what to do from Wemmick.

[Day 302 Page 324] Pip starts to feel the loss of Magwitch’s money. He had sent the unopened pocketbook back to Magwitch, deciding not to spend any more of the man’s money. He even sold some pieces of jewelry to help make ends meet. He starts to wonder if Estella has become a married woman to Drummle. He avoids newspapers and tells Herbert to never speak of her to him. He is in a “state of constant restlessness and suspense.” He lives an unhappy life. While out rowing, occasionally he has to leave the boat at a dock to be brought back to him later due to low tide. When he does this, he leaves the boat and walks back to the Temple, stopping off somewhere along the way for dinner. I recently took a long road trip to Colorado (Beautiful!) with the family. I decided to make use of this time in the car (while not driving of course) to work on my blog artwork. These next 10 drawings were done somewhere along a long stretch of nothing (desert road), using only pencil, pen and a few colored pencils. I used leftover cardboard from a box of cat food. It sure made time pass quickly!

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