Art Expectations 303 & 304 Chance Encounter


303 greatExp Wopsle 150

304 GreatExp 150

[Day 303 Page 325]  Pip has been busy rowing up and down the river. One afternoon in February, he pulls ashore, leaving his boat to be delivered to him later. It was a night of low tide and high fog. He decides to treat himself to dinner and a show. He goes to a play at the theatre where he once saw Mr Wopsle perform. Pip had not heard from nor seen Wopsle since that flop of a performance. The play he sees tonight is a light comedy containing crude remarks about sailors. Low and behold, Wopsle is in this play also! He’s wearing a star and orders the sailors to all go to prison.

[Day 304 Page 326]  During the play at a point where Wopsle is seated on stage looking out at the audience, he spots Pip. During the second play, he is dressed in an embarrassing lady’s costume, crawling around on stage. During all of this he stares alarmingly at Pip in the audience. Once the play is over, Pip and Wopsle meet up outside and walk together. He tells Pip he saw someone else that he recognized sitting right behind Pip! Who?! Maybe Pip IS being followed.

Here are two more “quickies” that I created en route to Colorado… long car ride… lots of desert, but pretty… and very few art supplies with me. I am so glad I got to read a small chunk of the book and get back into it. Onward!

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