Art Expectations 305 Stalker


305 GreatExp 150

{Day 305 Page 327}
Walking away from the theatre, Wopsle tells Pip that the person he saw behind Pip in the audience left before the play ended. He asks Pip if he remembers one Christmas Day when he was little and they were dining at his house with Mrs Joe and Joe. Some soldiers had stopped by to have Joe repair some handcuffs in his blacksmith shop. Oh yeah, Pip remembers. The men had also joined with the soldiers in hunting down some escaped convicts that night. Oh boy, does Pip remember. They found the two convicts in a ditch fighting. (Pip now knows that they were Magwitch and Compeyson.) Wopsle tells Pip that the man in the audience behind Pip was one of those convicts. Well, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Magwitch! (He’s still in hiding.)

Here is another on-the-road piece, a pencil sketch of the theatre audience.

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