Art Expectations 307 Second Meeting


307 GreatExp Jaggers Tasks 150

[Day 307, Page 329 Chapter 48]   Pip had earlier mentioned two strange meetings. That was the first: running into Wopsle and hearing that Compeyson was seated behind him at the theatre. Following is a description of the second, happening a week after the first. Pip had been out rowing again and due to low tide had docked his boat at the wharf. He was walking along, deciding where to have dinner, when Jaggers comes up beside him, looping his arm in Pip’s. He suggests they dine together. Pip is about to decline when Jaggers tells him that Wemmick will be joining them. They stop off at Jaggers’ office so he can close up for the day (letter-writing, hand-washing, candle-snuffing, safe-locking). As Pip waits during this daily process, the creepy head casts seem to be playing a game with him, dancing in the flickering candlelight. The dripping wax on the candles looks like sheets used to wrap a corpse. Pip feeling a little morbid?

This is another sketch created in the car en route on family trip to Colorado. When I started working on my blog on this trip, I actually counted the pages that I have left. Only 85! You can say, well, that’s just shy of 100 still left to go. Or, you can say, only 85 left, after doing around 300!

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